Sunday, April 4, 2010

whether they are good?

Struggle is a very difficult. Only the courage, determination and a strong stance that could only endure. That was never received by the beloved Prophet Muhammad's great for us 1400 years ago.

Anyone can say "I am in the field of battle." But do not too proud of that fact. Indeed, those who speak out loud without action is like an empty tin. Indeed, the empty cans will sound louder than the tin filled with content. Perhaps it is the same right like I was adopted by this weak.

A background would not be a license to say he was great. Because of what? I take an example of a reality now. Most of the former students of religious schools does not practice the knowledge they have learned previously. But if they do bad things they really worse than those who never achieve a formal religious education.

I said the experience of today's society (as well as I felt very bad and very dwarf compared to others). Excuse me for my words and not quite celupar base. But, in honesty I can say is among the former students of religious schools that are not directly involved in the "struggle" of this. (I also have the honesty to be slow on certain issues. But I try to try to have continued preaching movement from within this)

So I really do not like people who are too praised one of the reasons he was a religious school graduates or students who are majoring in religion continued. All the same. The difference in the view of God is piety. Islam is not owned, but owned by all human

I think I do not need to add more verses as indeed I was writing this a bit emotional with current issues. Indeed, the writings and opinions by emotion not provide much good. Even lead to a result that is not good.

God's Word in the Holy Quran to the effect;
"Give a reminder, a reminder that truly bring great benefits to those who believe"



  1. Salam...

    "Indeed, the writings and opinions by emotion not provide much good. Even lead to a result that is not good."

    ~ Tp sy rasa tulisan kamu ni sgt best la..much good than not good..And I like the contents..^_^~

    Teruskan menulis dgn baik..(",)